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What satisfied clients have to say about us:

"While I may not be changing my career, I learned many important things about myself, including how to make my present career more tolerable. The most important thing I got from Norma was learning about life/career balance." --- B.W., Painter

"The services offered by Career Development and Life Planning helped me to examine my personal resources and skills and identify specific career options in making a much needed career change. The entire process helped me to become more assertive and self-directed." -- R.S. Insurance Senior Health Claims Examiner

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We can assist you to find direction in your life and career whether you are:

  • A mid-life adult wishing to expand your horizons. Possibly through a career change.
  • An established professional desiring more satisfaction with your life or career.
  • A woman reentering the job market after a break in employment.
  • A young adult choosing a college program or technical training.


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